Why ELIXAIR purifiers so efficacous?

The ELIXAIR effefficiency is in its electronic filters.
ELIXAIR eliminates airborne particles like: dust, soot, bacteria, pollen, acaruses, scents etc.
The smallest particles -specially inferior to 2,5 um (0,0025 mm) - are most harmful for our health because they are in the air that we breath directly to our lungs. The big particles - 10 um (0,010 mm) and more -are mainly ctched by mucous membranes of the superior respiratory routes.
The ELIXAIR electrical filter capacity to eliminate the smallest particles is even superior than the mechanical electrostatic filters one.
The ELIXAIR purifiers also can use an activated carbon filter, that is included in the sale package. This one eliminates most of the scents and gaseous impurities. The cells of the aluminium filter are cheap to use and last long time.
The low cost of operation are due to the cells can be washed instead of replacing them. The activated carbon filter (if it is used) is the only disposable filter of the purifier. ELIXAIR is a lasting investment in a comfortable life.
ELIXAIR is so efficient that after 15 minutes of operation, the indoor air is remarkably cleaner, fresher and is easier to breathe.

 How often is it necessary to clean the filters?

For a correct operation it is enough to wash it 3 or 6 times a year.
Elixair makes a cleaning process of three phases.
The washable prefilter catches the big particles and the washable electronic collector cell even aliminates the smallest particles.
The activated carbon filter absorbs the scents and other gaseous impurities.
The prefilter and the electronic collector cell beed to be washed, rinsed and dried between 3 and 6 times a year -and that is all!.
It is nor necessary the expensive substitution of the filters nor other measures of maintenance.
Elixair is so cheap when you use it that it can be working all the time.
It works so quiet that it can be working even while you are sleeping.
You can trust in air cleaners ELIXAIR; we guaranteed them during 2 years.

 Can I leave the ELIXAIR purifier working continually?

The ELIXAIR purifiers can be working continually due to their consumption.
The model E-200 consumption is less than 25 W light one.
Using ELIXAIR purifiers, your health will note it but not your pocket.

 How do the airbone particles affect the health?

When there are great quantities of particles in the air, the result can be:
Headaches, eyes and nose, anxiety, lack of concentration.
Increase of heart and respiratory problems, stress increase sleeplessness,...
Shorter life expectancy. (Pope ym. 1995a, who 1999, Samet ym. 2000)
The small particles produce more health problems in the developed countries.

 Can the home indoor air be cleaned?

Yes it can! There is not much we can do about impurities in the outdoor air, but we can affect the purity of the air we breathe at home or in the office.
We spend a large proportion of our time indoors and the idoor air quality has a significant impact on our health and well-being.
We cause some of the indoor air impurities ourselves.
Everything that takes place indoors affects the dust concentration.
When we relax by the fireplace, heat the sauna with wood or cook on a gas satove, unhealthy particles may be released into the air as a result of incomplete combustion.
In addition to textile dust, the air in our homes contains a variety of other kind of dust, such as dust from other construction and decoration materials, paper dust, washing agent residue, pet hair and animal dust, etc.

 As Air Purifiers Elixair Work?

Basically, the air purifier operates Elixair follows:The fan air purifier Elixair attracts airborne particles toward him.The lint, fibers and other large particles are captured by the prefilter, where they remain.Most airborne particles are so small that do not adhere to prefilter. Therefore, passing the ionization section of the electronic receiving cell collector where a powerful electric shock (8 kV.).After receiving this charge, the particles are transported by the air stream to the collector section of the cell and are attracted to the collector plates as a result of the existence of a strong electric field (4 Kv.) Of Just as iron filings are attracted by a magnet. The particles adhere to these dishes and remain there until the cell is washed.The remaining gaseous impurities (for example, odors or smoke snuff) are removed by activated carbon filter ce, which is a standard component replacement mechanism.The fan unit returns clean air to the room.

 Importance of indoor air quality

As already said, the indoor air can be even more harmful than the outside air. In the indoor air we breathe, countless suspended particles and gases, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, carbon dioxide, smoke snuff, etc. are Some of these particles are visible but most are so small they are invisible to the naked eye. And it is these particles which are more harmful because enter our body through the airways until our lungs.These particles are the cause of many symptoms of discomfort such as fatigue, headache, sore eyes and throat; can exacerbate the problems of allergic and asthmatic people and even cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

 Cleaning the air of interior

The smaller the particles, the longer remain suspended in the air and therefore the indoor air to be cleaned.A common solution is to remove most of the indoor air and replaced with fresh outdoor air. Such substitution is rarely well filtered and may contain large amounts of airborne particles. Adequate ventilation also greatly increased the need for heating systems.Therefore, a quick and effective way to clean indoor air is the air cleaner Elixair. With him particles and gases and odors from home environment, office, local, disposed etc.

 Replacing the air purifier ELIXAIR

The Elixair E 200, E 300 and E 400 models are designed for home use. The E 500 is suitable for larger offices and other closed areas (bars, restaurants, hairdressers).Depending on the indoor air circulation, a unit of the models E 300, E 400 or E 500 can clean the air in several rooms.It is easy to transport air purifier room to room if needed. For best results in cleaning indoor air is recommended that a purifier in each room.For example, the model E 300 connected to speed II will clean the air in a room of 12 m2 in 30 minutes.When choosing a good place to locate the air purifier, consider the following:1. The unit should be situated so that the stream of air passing through the purifier, follow the direction of the airflow in the room.2. Place the air purifier at a reasonable distance from flowers and plants, as they may be affected by the current of air purifier.3. Do not place the model E 200, for example, on a shelf or other partially enclosed space that could block the free flow of air flow through the room. Preferred to locate the air purifier places are on a table or the like.4. The models E 300, E 400 and E 500 should be positioned such that the air stream is not hindered by the front or back of the unit, for example, by furniture.Do not cover the top of the unit with cloth or plants that could restrict airflow or moving the unit.

 Purifier maintenance ELIXAIR

The air purifier should be reviewed regularly. Components requiring maintenance are the prefilter, the collector electric cell and activated carbon filter.The prefilter and cell collector rarely need to be replaced because they are washed; however, the canister itself must be replaced.The activated carbon filter should be replaced by a new one, because its activity can not be restored to being neutralized by gases and odors inside the air purifier.Depending on the type of use, the activated carbon filter should be changed about once a year.When you notice that indoor air smells remain after 1 or 2 hours using the air purifier, it is time to change the activated carbon filter.If no objectionable odor not in the house, the air purifier can be used without activated carbon filter.