Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions.

Elixair System, S.L.,Condiciones Terms of Access and Use of the shop. General Conditions of Access.
Glossary of Terms.

Elixair System, SL, Elixair: Service provided by Elixair System, SL, through Internet for purchasing or searching for information of the items available on the web.

Customer / User: Any user who purchases products offered by Elixair, whatever it may be bound contractually or not Elixair System, S. L ,.

Website / web / store: Virtual Shop through which users can complete their purchase transactions only articles published in it, the URL of the website is: www.elixair.es.
Products: Any items available online for purchase by customers.

General Conditions:
General Conditions of Access and Use of the shop. This document in its entirety. Legal entity responsible for Elixair Store The store has been created, published and managed by:. Elixair System, SL, Cl Corazón de María, 39, 8-D, Esc-C 28002 Madrid Spain NIF. ES-B84576925. Registered on 02/16/2006 in the Mercantile Register of Madrid. Tomo: 22317; Libro: 0; Folio: 80; Section: 8; Hoja: M-398445; Inscription: 1 For any notification of errors, vulnerabilities, please notify tienda@elixair.es or by phone at +34 629 842 493. Elixair has put all its emphasis on the accuracy of it, but despite the care, could eventually contain inaccuracies or errors .
The user assumes, knows and accepts, in that same visit, the data and information on products or services listed in the store are solely for informational purposes, as a preliminary information provided to the attention of the user, and that at a given time may contain errors, inaccuracies or be out of date, also comments that may have on them are an opinion and do not have to be based on scientific realities.
Elixair System, S. L, reserves the right to change at any time and without notice, at its discretion and unilaterally, both the configuration of the store, such as services and content provided therein, as well as the limit access to or remove any part thereof, temporarily or permanently.
. Links to / from anywhere Any person or entity may establish a hypertext link (link) to the website provided that the following terms are met:
- No make regarding Elixair pages, false, inaccurate, incorrect, that may mislead or are contrary to law, morals or decency.
- Do not link in any way Elixair pages with pages whose contents include, statements or immoral propaganda, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, terrorism or that violates human rights and in general can harm in any way the good name or image of Elixair System, S. L, or any of its clients.
Elixair System, S. L, in their physical and legal to monitor all sites can reference the Elixair products impossibility split with any comments or reference that can be performed on them in any publication. Links to other sites are included in order to provide better information services to users, which does not imply that Elixair System, S. L, promotes, endorses, guarantees or recommends the contents of the referenced sites. Elixair System, S. L, disclaims all liability in connection with the services provided by third parties against any claim of any kind and claims that may be filed in connection therewith.

Maintenance Content: Elixair System, S. L, will endeavor to maintain the availability of the service. However, reserves the right to temporarily suspend, at any time, without notice, the service for test operations, control and maintenance.
Elixair System, S. L ,, however will strive to perform these operations in times when the user impact is minimized.

Conditions of access and use. Service or store Elixair aims to benefit both current and future end users customers Elixair System, S. L ,. Through Elixair, Elixair System, S. L Store, allows users to access content on related products and retail distribution of consumer products purifiers indoor air services.
Access to and use of the website is strictly subject to acceptance by the User of these Terms and Conditions of Access and Use of the shop.
Access to and use of the web is equivalent to a demonstration by the client in ensuring its agreement expressly, fully and without reservation, with the entire contents of these General Conditions of Access and Use of the Shop as published on the website at the time of access.
The nonconformity of the General Conditions of Access and Use of the shop prohibits the user access to the web. Access to the site will be through the www.elixair.es address is free for users and it does not require prior subscription or registration. However, hiring any service that results in an obligation of Elixair System, S. L, does require user registration on the web, in the terms described below and prior acceptance of the Terms and Conditions Purchase coming to develop and supplement the General Conditions.
Any user, by accepting these Terms declares to be of age and have the legal capacity to be bound by these Terms and to use and, where appropriate, hire and purchase products offered on the web.
User agrees, expressly and without exception that access and use of the website, its services and contents of these services are under your sole responsibility and that any person representing Elixair System, S . L, somehow forced to use thereof.

Representations and Warranties general. Elixair System, S. L, declared using the technology necessary for proper access and use of the website. However, despite making every effort to avoid it, Elixair System, S. L does not guarantee the existence of viruses or other harmful elements that may alter the integrity User's computer systems.
User agrees and understands that Elixair System, S. L, created and developed in good faith the store with information from internal and external sources and offers it in its current state, making every effort but unable to avoid the 100% It may contain inaccuracies or errors. Therefore, the User exonerates Elixair System, S. L, from any liability in relation to the accuracy, usefulness or false expectation that the website could produce.
The User also guarantees that the use of the web to the law, morality, public order, decency and no case be harmful both financially and for the reputation and commercial image Elixair System, S. L will fit, , its customers or any other person or entity.
The User agrees not to hinder in any way the proper functioning of the web, not to abuse any functionality that demonstrates perform actions such as but not limited to sending spam, not exploit any software vulnerabilities, not unduly overload the bandwidth or any other technical element susceptible to damage, not to enter on the web or through it, no susceptible to contain a computer virus or other element that could harm, block or interfere with the functionality element for the website was created.

Customers and Registered Users. Users may register as a Client of the web, which expressly consents to the inclusion in the web of the new services Elixair System, S. L, deems appropriate at all times, as well as the modification of the contents and existing services.
Registered User must notify Elixair System, S. L, about any changes that occur in your personal data within the competence of Elixair System, S. L, to provide adequate and accurate service. Customer is responsible for taking steps to prevent access and / or use of the website by third parties through their codes or identifying key measures.
Registered Users are solely responsible for the choice, loss, theft or unauthorized use of any password or identification code and for any consequences thereof. Elixair System, S. L, provides customer services down the system and change codes or passwords to facilitate rapid action to contingencies. In any case, it is Customer's responsibility proper use of the web and keeping access codes or identifying key, being strictly forbidden to use them in bad faith, for illegal or contrary to the provisions of these General Conditions.
The User may at any time unsubscribe as a client, without that decision may be retroactive, both online and by telephone numbers published. You must accept the General Conditions of Access and Use to register and make purchases at the store.

Limitation of Liability. Elixair System, S. L, makes no representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, as to the operation of the web, the accuracy of the information, content, software, materials or products included therein to the extent permitted by applicable law.
Similarly, Elixair System, S. L, is exempt from paying any warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. Elixair System, S. L, is not liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this website or the products can be purchased through the same, including, among others, direct and indirect. Elixair System, S. L, is not liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the cessation or interruption of service.
Also, Elixair System, S. L ,, despite making all diligent efforts, is not responsible for any errors or security deficiencies that may arise from the use by the client web browsing software, storage devices passwords, or any other software that might cause damage, errors or inaccuracies in the client system.
The User accepts that use the service in its original condition without any pressure from anyone connected or not Elixair System, S. L, and therefore liable for damages of any nature Elixair System, S. L, may suffer as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of breach by User of the General Conditions.

Force majeure force majeure shall mean:
- Any event impossible to predict, or planned inevitable.
- Damage caused physical or computer attacks by third parties or the server that may affect the quality of services and are not attributable or Elixair System, S. L, or Customer.
- Failures in the transmission, storage or delivery to third parties of the Products and other web content.
- Problems or errors in the reception or web access.
- Shares of nature (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.)
- Social Events (strikes, labor disputes, etc.) that prevent the supply of Products.
- Accidents.
- Policy Actions (wars, commercial or otherwise embargoes, blockades, riots or other government regulations).
- Any other act both as social nature preventing the proper operation of the company.

Intellectual Property. All web content, both visible and those used to provide functionality are the property of Elixair System, S. L ,, or its content providers, having been, in the latter case, subject to licensed or transferred by them, and are protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property. The design, layout and assembly of all content of the store is the exclusive property of Elixair System, S. L, and is protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property.
The trademarks, emblems, distinctive signs or logos of Elixair System, S. L, belong to Elixair System, S. L, and are duly registered or registration process. The trademarks, emblems or logos of third parties that appear on the website may be trademarks of their respective and rightful owners.
The use of images or text from third parties by Elixair System, S. L, does not in any case, the transfer of ownership and in any case the grant of a right of use for the user.

Applicable law and jurisdiction. These General Conditions shall be construed and governed in accordance with Spanish law. For any dispute relating to the provisions of the General Conditions, both client Elixair System, S. L, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply. Nevertheless, in order to avoid any kind of litigation, Elixair System, S. L, is at the disposal of users to any proposal or suggestion and will make every effort to meet all your questions and complaints.

Null and void clauses. In the event that any provision of these Terms is declared fully or partially invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will affect only that provision or part thereof that is invalid or ineffective The provision (or part of the clause) is replaced by a judge for one as close as possible to be within the framework of legality. The remaining Conditions not affected by this amendment shall remain applicable.

Personal data. Elixair System, S. L, guarantees, according to the provisions of Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), the confidential treatment of personal data, and that the server that will store and process such data has the necessary security measures to prevent access to such data by unauthorized third parties.
To this end, Elixair System, S. L, guarantees that it has adopted the necessary technical and organizational security measures in its facilities, systems and files, fixing the security measures applicable to automated files containing personal data and other regulations are approved. Elixair System, S. L ,, however, may disclose to the competent public authorities the personal data and any other information that is in their power through their computer systems when it is required in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in each case.
In compliance with the Data Protection Act Elixair System, S. L, will not store unauthorized by the user data nor under any circumstances sell or convey this information to any third party with or without profit without the express permission of the user. The user may claim the amendment deleting data at any time.

Privacy and protection of personal data. In strict compliance with the provisions of Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data ("LOPD"), Elixair System, S. L, informs you that completing the registration form and acceptance by click-button "Continue", your personal data will be included in the files owned by Elixair System, S. L ,, which, for legal purposes, is identified as responsible for them.
The User declares that all information provided is true, complete and accurate, and is committed to keeping it updated and also agrees that acceptance of the registration form allows Elixair System, S. L ,:
- Paying services offered through our web.
- Contact customer and send commercial information (offers, promotions, etc.) in order to maintain a quality service.
- You Make statistics anonymous purchase to match supply our services to our clients our clients are informed that our server uses "cookies", which are used exclusively to remember your preferences for using our service, not picking in no case Additional information about the client.
Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data, under the terms established in the LOPD, being responsible for the file that is self Elixair System, S. L ,. In compliance with the LOPD, the user expressly authorizes Elixair System, S. L, to give their personal data is and when such transfer is necessary for these to be used exclusively for the fulfillment of the contracted services and commercial purposes.

General Conditions of Use Shop.
Store use. -. Record Store in order to make purchases, Customer must necessarily fill in the registration form. The client facilitate accurate personal data and a user name and password, which are personal and not transferable be assigned.
See clause "Customers and Registered Users" for more information.
- Prices and Products Orders can be made either by telephone or via the web The prices shown on the web, except typo, are guaranteed for the day on which the order was placed, regardless of changes that may exist between making and receiving the order. Elixair System, S. L, may unilaterally change without notice both product availability and price thereof
- Taxes The prices shown in the store should add them to the VAT companies, institutions or organizations with the residence the European Union and NIF Intra exempted from VAT may make purchases without extra charge. The geographical areas the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. shall be exempt from VAT In any case, the purchase takes place in the locality of the seller.

Shipping cost. All orders will be sent to the address indicated by the customer and will be invoiced a shipping cost depending on the order amount, weight and / or volume. Before ordering the customers will have the breakdown of the same: Amount of product or products, amount of VAT, if applicable, amount of shipping costs and total order.

Payment. Wire Transfer. After placing the order, we will confirm the same with an e-mail that will include both your order number as the account number where you make the bank transfer to name Elixair System, S. L, is essential that at the time of transfer clearly indicate your order number and your name in order to facilitate the checkout. Elixair System, S. L, store order history so you can review them at any time.

Form and delivery. Elixair System, S. L, dispatch the products within 5 following the receipt of the payment order whatever the final destination weekdays. The customer must sign the relevant delivery slips, giving its assent to the delivery and acceptance of the shipment. Elixair System, S. L, no liability for any delay in delivery of orders when these delays are not directly attributable to Elixair System, S. L ,.

Returns. Pursuant to Article 44 and following of Law 7/96 of January 15, Management of Retail Trade, the customer shall have a period of up to 7 business days to cancel the contract, either claims or Returns without penalty charge, but bear the direct cost of returning the product. All these rights may be exercised, subject to the provisions of law 23/2003 of July 10, warranty in the sale of consumer goods.

Availability of Products. Elixair System, S. L, guarantees the existence of products offered, but can not guarantee the availability of data for all customers and in the volumes required by them at the time of ordering, however , Elixair System, S. L, will, together with its suppliers, every possible effort to ensure availability and notify the customer immediately if unable to provide the products within the terms established.

Warranty. The warranty is valid for a period of two years from the date of the invoice. The warranty takes effect from the date of purchase as detailed on the invoice and only covers the cost of repair or replacement.
Excludes all costs of transportation, which shall be borne by the customer.
Products and parts replaced Elixair System, S. L,., In the warranty are their exclusive property. The services provided in the warranty does not extend its effects.
The repair of the machines will be performed in our facilities and will be held at the time our helpdesk deemed necessary and sufficient. Loss or damage during transport is in no way responsible for Elixair System, S. L ,.

Cancellation of warranty The warranty will be voided by: Improper use or handling of any product. Any damaged, with insufficient packaging without packaging or with visible evidence of improper handling equipment will be accepted. Excluded from any warranty defects and damage caused by water or external events, accidents, electrical accidents mainly due to wear and misuse. The Customer declares under its responsibility, having read and accepted these Terms and Conditions of Access and Use of the wholly Store.